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Lowuan Ellis Email
March 23, 2014

My great grandparents raised their children in the Cliffside area.
They were Benjamin Mercer and Isabelle Mcelrath.
They were married there around 1913. They had 4 boys and 4 girls.
I will give you there exact names @ another time. They were all born
In Cliffside. The last of them passed away in 2008. His name was
Sylvestor Mercer known as Babe. He attended Haynes Grove Church in Cliffside and lived in Avondale. I will give you a complete history @ a later date. I am the family historian.

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Jill Roberson Email
Dec 10, 2013

I am the grand daughter of Broadus and Bernice Roberson and daughter of Rev. Roger Roberson. They owned a house on Dedmond Road. Broadus worked as a security guard at both the old and new cone mill until he retired at age 72, I think. Bernice retired from the mill also. Roger, their son and my dad was raised at Fairview Missionary Church and eventually became the pastor of that church until his death in 1997. I love this site. I'm going to go through my pictures and see what I have that I can send to this site. Thank you for the memories!

Jackie Padgett Wilson Email
Nov 11, 2013

I have noticed all the beautiful quilt art around Cliffside and was wondering who does this and how much they are?  I would like to purchase one for the old Dedmon beer joint on our land. 

Steve Maney Email
Oct 6, 2013

My parents married Dec 1945 and shortly after, moved to Cliffside. I was born in 1947 at the Shelby hospital. My dad told me of driving a bus, working as a pin setter in a bowling alley, and working in the Cone Mill . He also mentioned an ice house being there.  We moved away sometime before I entered school. I visited The mill area in the mid 1990's and stopped by the Shelby hospital . I was shown where the old medical center was when I was born. I ordered a couple copies of the book, "Cliffside: Portrait of a Carolina Mill Town (NC)". I will give one to my parents ;I'm sure they will enjoy reading it and seeing the pictures. Thank you for all your efforts on this website.
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