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Margaret Elmore Tolly Email
Aug 17, 2015

I found about this site from a niece....I truly have enjoyed reading all.....I grew up in  "Rabbit Town" /Avondale....went to Avondale Elementary thur 7th grade ...Family moved to Newport News, Va. where my Dad got job in The Newport News donot have the growing up teen years in N. C.     have great memories of those days as a kid .....Friends from those days were the Blanton kids and Margaret Brendle.....and the Roach Family......thank you!

Virginia Biggerstaff Cox Email
July 16, 2015

I have been told that "Mr. Charlie" came to Boiling Springs to ask my grandfather, Lander Pruette if he would come to Cliffside to run the Lakeview Dairy.  It is my understanding that indeed he did do this and I have heard my mom say (more than once) that she had to milk cows before school in the mornings.  Guess that's either better or worse, (not sure) than walking a mile to school in the snow.....

Gigi Padgett Biggerstaff Cox

Betty Henson Taylor Email
March 20, 2015

I graduated from Cliffside High school in 1951.  I would like to hear from anyone who graduated that year.

Raymond Pasour Email
Dec 29, 2014

My Wife attended Tri High School and graduated in 1955.  She passed away in April of this year and I was just wondering if anyone remembered her from high school. I would appreciate any comments from anyone who remembers her from that time period.  She was Frances Gretel Biggerstaff.  Thanks.

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