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Betty Henson Taylor Email
March 20, 2015

I graduated from Cliffside High school in 1951.  I would like to hear from anyone who graduated that year.

Raymond Pasour Email
Dec 29, 2014

My Wife attended Tri High School and graduated in 1955.  She passed away in April of this year and I was just wondering if anyone remembered her from high school. I would appreciate any comments from anyone who remembers her from that time period.  She was Frances Gretel Biggerstaff.  Thanks.

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Greta Harmon Loeber Email
May 20, 2014

This is the first time I've seen the article about Cliffside Day and Duke Power, and the quote about the first television isn't accurate. This isn't a problem for me, but I wanted to acknowledge it. Several of us were discussing watching television and figured out that it was the Brown family that had the first one. The Brown's lived next door, and so many fond memories were shared with others that. One of the highlights was meeting my first piano teacher again with her sons, Anita McFall. I have not lived in the area for a long time, but I visit family and friends in the area and treasure each time I'm there. It was a great day, and I hope there is another.

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