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karen mcentire Email
Sept 6, 2016

Hello My name is Karen McEntire.  Amos Owens was my great great Grandfather.  His first daughter was Rosanna Emeline Owens McEntire.  I would like a photo of her.  I have found photos of Amos.  I would love to see his children in photos.  If anyone can help please email Thank you Karen

Rhodella Carpenter Coleman Email
June 4, 2016

Hi. I've been searching for my great grandfather since 2004. His name is Frank Wilson. His wife was Lethia Griffin. In the 1910 census he was living in Cliffside with Lethia, Son Leroy and my grandmother Evia. Pleaseeeeee send me any info that you may have concerning him. Thank you so much, Rhodella

Jerry (Walker) Oxendine Email
March 7, 2016


I have a personal connection to the above story and the hanging of Daniel Keith!  I am related to Sheriff Noah Walker via my mother, Alma Sue Walker.  Mr. Walker and his wife are buried at Green Hill Baptist Cemetary near my grandfather, A.G. Walker.  Likely, about every Walker name you see in that serene place, I'm prob'ly related to!  This is an intriguing story & I remember how frightened I was as a 7 y/o boy when I went TO that jail to see that shadow that was, by then, mostly concealed by an climbing ivy!  I started 1st grade at nearby Green Hill Elementary School (now closed).

Marilyn Moore Kerr Email
March 3, 2016

Hey Philip, Just read your article, Circle of a Life. Very interesting. Just shows that you never know when you will find a real gem of information.

.Otto Moore is my Uncle and I greatly enjoyed seeing pictures as well as more info to add to 
my family history. If you have any more pictures of the Moore family I would appreciate you e-mailing them to me.

Great job,  Marilyn

Deb Womack 
Feb 3, 2016

I grew up in Cliffside and I'm a history buff.I married Jim Womack.We still live in Cliffside. The town is gone but not the memories. I am the Librarian at the Haynes library. Have been ther for  for 27 years.We have 2 children Todd & Allison.I miss the way of life that we had growing up. We were poor but did not know it because everyone else was too.
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